Homework due a.d. xvii Kalendis Martiis

Elementary Latin

  1. Read ch. 17: The Relative Pronoun, qui quae quod (who, which).
  2. Vocabulary ch. 17
  3. Learn the relative pronoun (p. 110).

Vocabulary ch. 17

caecus. blind
levis. light, slight
aut. or
aut… aut… either….or…
quoque. also
coepi, coepisse, coeptum. begin [ a ‘defective’ verb]
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitum. desire
deleo, delere, delevi, deletum. destroy, wipe out.
incipio, incipere, incepi, incepi, inceptum. begin


Elementary Greek

  1. ch. 16: The third declension.
  2. Learning endings for m/f nouns and n nouns in the third declension.
  3. Vocabulary p. 100
  4. Sentences p. 101., # 1 and 2,

Vocabulary, Lesson 16
make, do
grace, favor
be grateful to
for the sake of


  1. Read in Biers, ch. 4, “The Dark Ages.”
  2. Presentation with notes from class.

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