Homework due a.d. x Kalendis Aprilis

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on identifying verbs and nouns in a Latin passage, and translating.
  2. Review: the Passive Voice of Verbs: 3rd and 4rd conjugations in the present, imperfect, future, including English translations.
  3. Present: – r, -ris, -tur, -mur, -mini, -ntur BUT NOTE DIFFERENT VOWELS!
  4. Imperfect: – bar, -baris, -batur, -bamur, -bamini, -bantur  ADD -E (3rd conj) and ADD -IE (4th conj)
  5. Future: -ar, -eris, -etur, -emur, -emini, -entur
  6. Infinitive ends in -i BUT note the difference for the 3rd conjugation.
Rest of the Trojan War story (this is the passage we studied in class):
Quem Paris eliget? Quo dono animus eius movebitur? Iuno eum regem, Minerva ducem facere potest. Venus autem ei Helenam, bellissimam omnium feminarum, dare potest.
Paris amore vincebatur et Veneri malum aureum dedit.
(si certa est fama horum factorum) Helena capiebatur et ad novam urbem, Troiam, ducebatur. Quod bellum gerebatur propter hanc feminam?

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on identification of first four principle parts and conjugating the perfect tense (ch. 20); infinitive is extra credit.
  2. This is the Greek text of Genesis 1 that we looked at in class.


  1. Read in Biers, ch. 6, “The Orientalizing Period” & (if you want to get ahead) Drewett, “Digging the Site” (pp. 99 – 118).
  2. Presentation about Greek temples
  3. See this page on paper and presentation topics; on Friday, you’ll be asked to sign up to give a presentation(s).

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