Homework due a.d. iii Nonibus Aprilis

Elementary Latin

  1. Perfect – Pluperfect – Future Perfect Passive tenses in ch. 19
  2. CONJUGATE libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum (free) in the perfect/pluperfect/future perfect tenses and TRANSLATE.

Elementary Greek

  1. Participles: present / future / 1st aorist / perfect active (lesson 24)
  2. Write out and decline present/future/1st aorist participles for λυω and present participle for ειμι
  3. Vocabulary, lesson 23
Vocabulary, Lesson 21
αποθνῃσκω, αποθανουμαι, απεθανον, τεθνηκα. die, be killed
αποκτεινω, αποκτενω, απεκτεινα, απεκτονα. kill
φοβεω, φοβησω, εφοβησα, πεφοβηκα. fear
ο φοβος, fear
εμος. my
ημετερος. our
σος. your
υμετερος. your
τἰ. why


  1. Read in Biers, ch. 8, “The 5th Century” (pp. 194 – 214 — or all the way to the end, p. 246 )
  2. Define: terminus post quem, terminus ante quem, post-depositional transformation processes, context, feature, articulated bones, disarticulated burials.
  3. Presentation about Greek temples
  4. Presentation on dating in archaeology
  5. Presentation on Polis, Persian Wars
  6. See this page on paper and presentation topics; on Friday, you’ll be asked to sign up to give a presentation(s).

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