See you May 11, 14, or 15

Elementary Latin

1. What to study for the exam – Friday, May 11, 9am.

2. Some but not all of the sentences in bold from the passage below will be on the exam, and some other sentences from the passage might also be. If you would like to translate more of the passage, you can email your translation to me at

Nunc aetās magna atque nova incipit. Puer nāscitur ac gēns aurea

venit. Mundus gravī metū līberābitur. Ille puer deōrum vītam

accipiet deōsque vidēbit, et ipse vidēbitur ab illīs. Mundum reget

antīquīs virtūtibus. Simul atque laudēs et facta parentis legere et

virtutem scīre poterit, agrī beātī dulcēs frūctūs omnibus hominibus

parābunt.Remanēbunt tamen pauca scelera quae hominēs temptāre

mare nāvibus, quae hominēs cingere urbēs mūrīs iubēbunt.

Erunt etiam altera bella, atque iterum Trōiam magnus mittetur

Achillēs.Ubi autem hunc puerum virum fēcerit fortis aetās,

maria relinqentur ā vectōribus, nec nautae pecuniae causā mercēs

mūtābunt. Robustus agricola taurōs iugō līberābit; nōn rāstrīs

tangētur humus; omnis terra omnia feret.

Elementary Greek

1. What to study for the exam — Tuesday, May 15, 9am.

2. See Nifty Greek Handouts for review materials.

3. The passage we are translating from the Gospel of John (9.11 – 17) is here (with side-by-side English and Greek texts) and also here at Perseus (with vocabulary help). Some of the sentences that we’ve translated will be on the exam.


The exam (Friday, May 11, 12 noon)  will consist of (1) Identifications of 3-5 sentences (terms; Greek sculpture; parts of a Greek temple; columns; archaeological sites and structures) and (2) An essay (there will be a choice of questions).

Intermediate Latin 

The exam (Monday, May 14, 10/10.30am) will consist of translating passages from Cicero’s first speech against Catiline (the Latin text is also here) and also sight passages.

Some letters and a few diacritical marks


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