Greek exam vocab

ποιεω make
κατα according to
εἰκων image
ἡμετέρos our
ὁμοίωσις likeness
ἀρχω rule
ἰχθύς fish
θαλάσσα sea
πετεινoς having wings
οὐρανος sky, heaven
κτηνῶ possess
γῆς earth
ἑρπετoς beast or animal which goes on all fours
ἑρπω creep
ἐπὶ on
ἄρσεν male
θῆλυ [= γυνη]
εὐλόγω praise, speak well
αὐξάνw increase
πληθύνω increase, multiply
πληρώ fill
κατακυριεύω rule (over)


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