Homework due Παρασκευή, 21 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012 — a.d. XI Kalendis Octobris

Elementary Latin~ due α.d. xvi kalendis octobris

  1. Read ch. 3 on the second declension. — Quiz on Friday on 2nd declension, vocabulary for ch. 3; sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt; esse.
  2. Decline populus (people).
  3. Write out vocabulary for ch. 3.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 3: ager, agri (field) agricola (farmer) amicus (friend) filius (son) populus people) numerus (number) puer (boy) vir (man)

femina (woman) filia (daughter)

pauci, paucae, pauca (few)

de (prep + abl) (down from, about) in (prep + abl) (in)

hodie (today) semper (always)

habeo, habere (have, hold)

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on 2nd declension neuter nouns, definite article, vocabulary (lessons 2-4).
  2. If you’ve time:Review endings for present tense (ω, εις, ει, ομεν, ετε, οθσι (ν) ); infinitive (ειν); imperative (ε, ετε — ετω, οντων).

Vocabulary: ο άνθρωπος, άξιος, από, δίκαιος, εκ, εις, εν, μάκρος, μικρός, ο πόλεμος, ο φίλος, αγαθος, ο άγγελος, καλός, ο κίνδυνος.

Greek History

  1. Prepare for in-class writing assignment on the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
  2. Some study questions to prepare yourself with: (i) What are the differences between the Minoans and Myceneans? — (ii) Why might it be incorrect to use the term “Dark Age”? — (iii) What sort of evidence can we base our knowledge of the Minoans, Myceneans, and the Dark Age on?
  3. You are allowed to use your notes from class but NOT any online resources. You will be evaluated on your ability to compose and defend an argument.
  4. Some materials to help you prepare: Timeline of dates and events for the Bronze Age (Minoans and Myceneans) and the Iron Age (the “Dark Age”); timeline of art history via the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Middle/passive participles; enclitics and accent marks; direct and indirect questions.
  2. Forms participles for verbs.
  3. Translation of passage.

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