Labor Domi due a.d. vii Kalendis Octobris / 25 Σεπτεμβριου η Τριτη

Elementary Latin~ due α.d. VII Kalendis Octobris

  1. Decline magister, magistr- (teacher) — puer (boy) — vir (man).
  2. Read ch. 3 on the 2nd declension of neuter nouns (like bellum, war).
  3. Sentences: Filium nautae Romani in agris videmus. — Sapientiam amicarum, O fila mea, semper laudat. — Debetis, amici, de populo Romano cogitare.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 3: ager, agri (field) agricola (farmer) amicus (friend) filius (son) populuspeople) numerus (number) puer (boy) vir (man) femina (woman) filia (daughter) pauci, paucae, pauca (few) de (prep + abl) (down from, about) in (prep + abl) (in) hodie (today) semper (always) habeo, habere (have, hold)

Elementary Greek

  1. Lesson IV. — do exercises: p. 11 (b) — p. 12 (c)
  2. Vocabulary:
    1. γάρ for (postpositive particle)
    2. ἡ κώμη village
    3. ἡ μάχη battle
    4. οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ no, not
    5. ἡ σκηνή tent
    6. ἡ σπονδή libation; pl., treaty
    7. φεύγω flee
    8. ἡ φυγή flight
    9. ἡ φυλακή guard
    10. φυλάττω guard

Greek History

  1. Read in The Landmark Herodotus, up to p. 113.
  2. Study questions: (1) How does Cyrus become king of the Perisans? (2) Who is Harpagos? (3) Why does Herodotus tell us about the habits and customs of the Persians? (4) What happens to Cyrus at the end of Book I?

And a few Lego versions of the Trojan war: Legos and Lego Achilles

Intermediate Greek

  1. The subjunctive mood of verbs.

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