Labor Domi due a.d. iv Kalendis Octobris / 28 Σεπτεμβριου η Παρασκευή

Elementary Latin~ due α.d. IV Kalendis Octobris

  1. Quiz on 2nd declension words that end in -er ager, agr- (field) — magister, magistr- (teacher) — translation of some 3 word sentences like Pavo agricolam terret. [the peacock frightens the farmer]
  2. vocabulary for the translation section will be from ch 2 and 3 and these 6 verbs: amo, amare (love), laudo, laudare (praise), terreo, terrere (frighten), do, dare (give), video, video (see), servo, servare (save)
  3. If you would like to get ahead: Read ch. 3 on the 2nd declension of neuter nouns (like bellum, war).

Latin vocabulary. ch. 3: ager, agri (field) agricola (farmer) amicus (friend) filius (son) populuspeople) numerus (number) puer (boy) vir (man) femina (woman) filia (daughter) pauci, paucae, pauca (few) de (prep + abl) (down from, about) in (prep + abl) (in) hodie (today) semper (always) habeo, habere (have, hold)

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the First Declension of nouns and vocabulary; adjectives in attributive and predicate position.
  2. Endings for the first declension (η, ης, η, ην — αι, ων, αις, ας)


  1. γάρ for (postpositive particle)
  2. ἡ κώμη village
  3. ἡ μάχη battle
  4. οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ no, not
  5. ἡ σκηνή tent
  6. ἡ σπονδή libation; pl., treaty
  7. φεύγω flee
  8. ἡ φυγή flight
  9. ἡ φυλακή guard
  10. φυλάττω guard

Greek History

  1. Read in The Landmark Herodotus: All of Book 1 and (and to get ahead) on Egypt, pp. 117- 159.
  2. Study questions: (1) Why does Cyrus keep following the advice of Croesus? (2) Why did Herodotus think Egyptian culture was worth describing? (3) How did Herodotus get information about Egpyt?
  3. Map of Greek and Phoenician migration

Intermediate Greek

  1. The optative mood of verbs.

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