Labor Domi for a.d. VII Idibus Octobris / 9 Οκτοβριου η Τριτη

Elementary Latin

  • Learn the endings for the future tense: bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt.
  • Conjugate in the future: ceno, cenare; maneo, manere.
  • Sentences: Officium Romanos multos vocabat.   —  Cras puellae et pueri cenabunt.  — Magister de curis multis cogitabat.
  • For next week if you’d like to get ahead: Future of the verb ‘to be’: ero, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erunt. Compare the imperfect of the verb ‘to be’: eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratis, erant.
  • Vocabulary ch. 5.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 5:

  1. animus, -i. m. soul, mind
  2. caelum, -i. n. sky, heaven
  3. culpa, -ae. f. fault, blame
  4. verbum, -i. n. word
  5. -ne. indicates that the sentence is a question; placed at end of sentence. Ex: Estne bonus?
  6. cras. tomorrow
  7. heri. yesterday
  8. quando. when
  9. tum. then
  10. ceno, cenare. dine
  11. culpo, culpare. blame
  12. maneo, manere. remain, stay

Elementary Greek

  1. Form the imperfect of these verbs:
  2. Sentences 1 – 4, p. 24.
  3. Vocabulary 7, 8
  1. ἡ ἀγορά – agora, marketplace
  2. ή άρχή – beginning, rule, province
  3. δέκα – ten
  4. διά – (gen) through, (acc) on account of
  5. ἐπιτἡδειος, επιτἡδεια, επιτἡδειον – suitable
  6. τὰ έπιτειδεια – provisions
  7. ἡ ημέρα – day
  8. ἡ στρατια – army
  9. ἡ φιλία – friendship
  10. φιλἰος, φιλία, φιλιον – dear, friendly
  11. ἡ χώρα – land, country
  12. άθροιζω. collect
  13. άλλά. but, however
  14. ἁρπάζω. seize
  15. άρχαῖος, άρχαἰα, άρχαῖον. ancient, original
  16. ὁ βάρβαρος. foreigner, ‘barbarian’
  17. τὸ έργον. work, deed
  18. ἡ κραυγἠ. shout
  19. ὁ λόγος word, speech, account
  20. ἡ σιγή. silence

Greek History

  1. Read in The Landmark Herodotus: pp. 221 – 261 (the madness of Cambyses, King of Persia and son of Cyrus the Great; Corinth; rise of King Darius of Persia) and pp. 393 – 405 (about Athens and its democratic government).  — Yes, we are slipping a lot of passages in Herodotus!
  2. Information about Herodotus: Short outline
    Time Map of places Herodotus discusses with modem countries noted
    Maps showing reconstructions of Herodotus’ world view
  3. Midterm on October 16, Tuesday; it will be on identification of terms including some from the following list. We will go over all of the terms before the midterm!
    1. polis/ city-state
    2. hoplite
    3. phalanx
    4. Corinth
    5. tyrant
    6. Troy VI
    7. apoikiai
    8. emporia
    9. Phoenicians
    10. Byblos
    11. pentekonter
    12. trireme
    13. Iron Age
    14. Gerousia, ephors
    15. oligarchy
    16. helots
    17. metics
    18. slaves

Intermediate Greek

  1. The optative mood of verbs.

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