Labor Domi a.d. IV Idibus Octobris / 12 Οκτοβριου η Παρασκευή

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on the future tense: bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt.; future of the verb ‘to be’: ero, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erunt; imperfect of the verb ‘to be’: eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratis, erant; vocabulary for ch. 5.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 5:

  1. animus, -i. m. soul, mind
  2. caelum, -i. n. sky, heaven
  3. culpa, -ae. f. fault, blame
  4. verbum, -i. n. word
  5. -ne. indicates that the sentence is a question; placed at end of sentence. Ex: Estne bonus?
  6. cras. tomorrow
  7. heri. yesterday
  8. quando. when
  9. tum. then
  10. ceno, cenare. dine
  11. culpo, culpare. blame
  12. maneo, manere. remain, stay

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the future tense (lesson 9) and a sentence with μεν and δε.
  2. Conjugate in the future and give the infinitive: φυλάττω, λύω, ὰρχω, ἁρπάζω.


ἄρχω, ἄρξω. begin, rule (+ genitive)
διώκω, διώξω. pursue
ἡ θύρα. door
ἰσχυρός,ά, όν. strong
μέλλω, μελλήσω. intend, delay
νομίζω. believe (w. infinitive)
ἡ ὁδός, τῆς ὁδου. road
πείθω, πείσω. persuade
ὑποπτεύω, ὑποπτεύσω. suspect (w. infinitive)

Greek History

  1. Reading in The Landmark Herodotus:
    1. pp. 3 – 113 (all of Book 1)
    2. pp. 117- 159 (on Egypt)
    3. pp. 221 – 261 (the madness of Cambyses, King of Persia and son of Cyrus the Great; Corinth; rise of King Darius of Persia)
    4. pp. 393 – 405 (about Athens and its democratic government)
    5. pp.429- 436, 447-490 (the Persians attack Hellas)


  1. Read the paper topics.
  2. Images of Greek coins
    • Midterm on October 16, Tuesday; it will be on identification of terms including some from the following list. We will go over all of the terms before the midterm!
      1. polis/ city-state
      2. hoplite
      3. phalanx
      4. Corinth
      5. tyrant
      6. Troy VI
      7. apoikiai
      8. emporia
      9. Phoenicians
      10. Byblos
      11. pentekonter
      12. trireme
      13. Iron Age
      14. gerousia, ephors
      15. oligarchy
      16. helots
      17. metics
      18. slaves
      19. Cyrus the Great
      20. Croesus of Lydia
      21. Solon
      22. history / historia
      23. Oracle at Delphi / Delphic oracle
      24. obol, drachma, stater, talent
      25. oligarchy
      26. democracy
      27. Scythians
      28. Hyperboreans

Intermediate Greek

  1. The optative mood of verbs.

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