Labor Domi for a.d. XIII Kalendis Novembris / 20 Οκτωβριου η Τριτη

Elementary Latin

  1. Chapter 6: Verb sum, esse (to be) and possum, posse (to be able + infinitive).
  2. Learn: Conjugation of possum, posse in present, imperfect, future; it is here.
  3. Review: Conjugation of sum, esse in present, imperfect, future; it is here.
  4. Translate: Gloria bonorum librorum semper manebit. — Pauci libri (viri) tyrannum tolerare possunt.
  5. Midterm prep!
    • Declining NOUNS in: 1st declension f, 2nd declension m (-us only), 2nd declension n
    • Conjugating these VERBS: present, imperfect, future of sum, esse and possum, posse
    • Translation of (short) sentences.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 5:

  1. dea. goddess
  2. deus. god
  3. discipulus m / discipula f . student
  4. insidiae, insidiarum. f. pl. plot
  5. liber, libri. m book
  6. vitium. n. fault, crime
  7. Graecus, -a, -um. Greek
  8. plenus, -a, -um. full (of)
  9. secundus, -a, -um. second; favorale
  10. que. and
  11. ibi. there
  12. ubi. where
  13. nunc. now — review: heri, cras, hodie, tum, quando.
  14. quare. why.
  15. possum, posse. be able, can + infinitive

Elementary Greek

  1. P. 28, exercises (a) and (b) 1 – 4, 7.
  1. Midterm prep!
    • Declining NOUNS in: 1st declension f, 2nd declension m, 2nd declension n
    • Conjugating VERBS: present, imperfect, future.
    • Declining the definite article.
    • Translation of (short) sentences.

Vocabulary from ch 9.

ἄρχω, ἄρξω. begin, rule (+ genitive)
διώκω, διώξω. pursue
ἡ θύρα. door
ἰσχυρός,ά, όν. strong
μέλλω, μελλήσω. intend, delay
νομίζω. believe (w. infinitive)
ἡ ὁδός, τῆς ὁδου. road
πείθω, πείσω. persuade
ὑποπτεύω, ὑποπτεύσω. suspect (w. infinitive)

Greek History

Reading in The Landmark Herodotus:

  1. pp. 3 – 113 (all of Book 1)
  2. pp. 117- 159 (on Egypt)
  3. pp. 221 – 261 (the madness of Cambyses, King of Persia and son of Cyrus the Great; Corinth; rise of King Darius of Persia)
  4. pp. 393 – 405 (about Athens and its democratic government)
  5. pp.429- 436, 447-490 (the Persians attack Hellas)
  1. Read the paper topics.
  2. Images of Greek coins

Intermediate Greek

  1. Indirect statement; εῖμι, φημί.

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