Labor Domi a.d. V Kalendis Novembris / Τρίτη, 30 Οκτώβριος

Elementary Latin

  1. 3rd declension noun endings for m/f. nouns and n. nouns.
  2. Decline these nouns: pax, pac-; civitas, civitat-; tempus, tempor-; carmen, carmin-.

Vocabulary, ch. 7

  • amor, amoris m.  love
  • carmen, carminis n. song, poem
  • civitas, civitatis f . state, citizenship
  • corpus, corporis n. body
  • homo, hominis m. human being, man
  • labor, laboris m. labor, task
  • mos, moris m. habit, custom
  • nomen, nominis n. name
  • pax, pacis f. peace
  • regina f. queen
  • rex, regis m. king
  • tempus, temporis n. time
  • terra f. earth
  • uxor, uxoris f. wife
  • virgo, virginis f. maiden, virgin
  • novus, -a, -um. new
  • post prep. + acc., after, behind
  • sub, prep. + abl. under
  • audeo, audere. dare + complementary infinitive
  • neco, necare. kill

Elementary Greek

The 1st and 2nd aorist tenses of verbs.  λαμβἀνω (aorist is ἔλαβον), γρἀφω (aorist is ἔγραψα)

Conjugate these verbs in the aorist tense (determine whether they’re 1st or 2nd aorist first!)

Vocabulary, lesson X

ένταϋθα. there

έντεϋθεν. from there, thence

ή έπιστολή. letter EPISTLE

έχω, έξω, έσχον. have

λείπω,λείψω, ἔλειψα. leave ECLIPSE

λοιπός, λοιπή, λοιπόν. left, remaining.

τὸ λοιπὀν. the future.

κ.τ.λ. (καὶ τὰ λοιπἀ). etc.

ή οίκία. house, household ECONOMY

ή πύλη. gate THERMOPYLAE

Greek history

Intermediate Greek

  1. -μι verbs

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