Hope To See You On November 9

Salvete omnes discipuli discipulaeque — Γειἁ σου, μαθἠται — dear students:

First and foremost, I hope you have all been all right (as much as possible) in a week in which these have been all too familiar scenes.

The tree on our street corner .#hurricanesandy

This has become a typical scene #hurricanesandy

This is becoming a familiar sight, lines to fill gas containers.

The word is that Tuesday, November 6,  Wednesday, November 7 will be the first day of classes, so our first class will be Friday, November 9. As transportation options remain limited and more than a bit challenging, I’m suspecting it may be a bit before things return to ‘normal.’

Students in Latin and Greek: Be ready to answer! You ________nouns and ________ verbs.

Students in Greek history: We will discuss a revised deadline for the Herodotus paper and try to have the oral presentations on Tuesday, November 13 Friday, November 9. (Try.)

Most of all, I hope you and your families and friends have been keeping safe in Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Please email me at kchew@saintpeters.edu with any concerns and questions.

Again, most of all, stay safe!


Dr. Chew


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