Homework due a.d. xvi Kalendis Decembris

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on 3rd declension noun (m/f. and n.); vocabulary ch. 7; 3rd conjugation, present tense (o, is, it, imus, itis, unt).

Vocabulary, ch. 7

  • amor, amoris m. love
  • carmen, carminis n. song, poem
  • civitas, civitatis f . state, citizenship
  • corpus, corporis n. body
  • homo, hominis m. human being, man
  • labor, laboris m. labor, task
  • mos, moris m. habit, custom
  • nomen, nominis n. name
  • pax, pacis f. peace
  • regina f. queen
  • rex, regis m. king
  • tempus, temporis n. time
  • terra f. earth
  • uxor, uxoris f. wife
  • virgo, virginis f. maiden, virgin
  • novus, -a, -um. new
  • post prep. + acc., after, behind
  • sub, prep. + abl. under
  • audeo, audere. dare + complementary infinitive
  • neco, necare. kill

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the 1st and 2nd aorist tenses of verbs; vocabulary, lesson X; a little translation.

ένταϋθα. there

έντεϋθεν. from there, thence

ή έπιστολή. letter EPISTLE

έχω, έξω, έσχον. have

λείπω,λείψω, ἔλειψα. leave ECLIPSE

λοιπός, λοιπή, λοιπόν. left, remaining.

τὸ λοιπὀν. the future.

κ.τ.λ. (καὶ τὰ λοιπἀ). etc.

ή οίκία. house, household ECONOMY

ή πύλη. gate THERMOPYLAE

άλλος, άλλη, άλλο. other, another

αύτός, αύτή, αύτό. self; same; he, she, it.

η βουλή. plan, council.

Βουλεύω. plan.

ήκω, ήξω. come, arrive.

κελεύω. command.

έπί. at, on, upon, against

Greek history

  • Oral presentations on your paper continue; instructions are here.
  • Read in the Landmark Edition of Thucydides, Book One, p. 3 – 55.

Democracy in 4th century BCE Athens: Empire and radical democracy

Intermediate Greek

  1. -μι verbs

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