Homework due Pridie Kalendis Decembris

Latin and Greek students: I know class was on the boring side today. Pronouns, while necessary to learn Latin and Greek, are just never the most interesting things in the world, hence these sort of silly kid videos.  Gratias vobis ago / ευχαριστώ! ~ Dr. Chew

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on Pronouns and Verb Conjugations.
  • Decline in the singular and plural, m/f/n: is, ea, id (he, she, it; they)
  • Know  the meanings of: ego, tu, nos, vos (I, you, we, you pl.);  hic, haec, hoc = this, these;  ille, illa, illud = that, those
  • Be able to identify whether a verb is in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd conjugation: 1st – cenO, cenARE; 2nd – vidEO, vidERE; 3rd, scribO, scribERE.


Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on Pronouns.
  2. Declining ὃς, ἣ, ὃ (who, which) and ὄδε, ἤδε, τόδε (this, these)
  3. Know the meaning: έκεῖνος, ἐκείνη, ἐκεῖνο (that, those) ; οὓτος, αὕτη, τοῦτο (this, these); αύτός, αύτή, αύτό = (1) self (predicate position); (2) same (attributive position); (3) he, she, it; they.
  4. Two sentences with αύτός meaning ‘self’ or ‘same.’

Greek history

  • Read in the Landmark Edition of Thucydides:
  • Pericles’ first speech (pp. 79 – 85).
  • Pericles’ Funeral Oration, the plague of Athens, Pericles’ third speech defending his position & policy; Thucydides’ analysis of Pericles and the causes of Athens’ eventual defeat (pp. 110 – 128).

And I made an error! It’s the MegaRan decree, not the MegaLan decree.

Intermediate Greek

  1. -μι verbs

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