Homework due xvi a.d. Kalendis Maiis

Elementary Latin

  1. We'll be learning three more tenses of the passive voice on Tuesday. Make sure you know what the perfect passive participle is and review how to conjugate the present, imperfect and future of the verb 'to be,' sum, esse.
  2. Please read: More on the comparative and superlative of adjectives and also adverbs.

Elementary Greek

  1. Ch.26: future, aorist middle.
  2. Vocabulary ch. 26.
  3. Sentences p. 84, 1-4.

History of Rome

  1. If you'd like to get ahead, read Book 2 in Tacitus’ Histories.
  2. Some things to know: 753 BCE, 509 BCE, Ides of March 44 BC; optimates/populares; Mithradates.
  3. For your review: Timeline of Greek and Roman history — of the Roman Republic – of Latin literature.

Intermediate Greek



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