Homework due a.d. ix Kalendis Maiis

Elementary Latin

  1. How to form and translate the perfect, pluperfect and future perfect passive: read this and this.
  2. How to decline nouns in the fifth declension (the absolute last thing we will learn).
  3. Leave a comment here if you've questions or please email Dr. Chew via kchewATsaintpetersDOTedu

Elementary Greek

  1. Subjunctive — please see the explanation here (we did not yet go over this in class).
  2. You an also look at the first column here for the endings.

History of Rome

  1. Choose your final paper/presentation topic and be ready to explain it in class on Tuesday.
  2. Read Book 3 (first 20 pages) in Tacitus’ Histories.
  3. More on Pompey and Caesar and Antony and Octavian — and then, the reign of the Emperor Augustus. Timeline of Greek and Roman history — of the Roman Republic – of Latin literature.

Intermediate Greek



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