Homework due a.d. vi Kalendis Maiis

Elementary Latin

  1. ULTIMA PROBATIO on the perfect, pluperfect and future perfect passive (see this and this) and  nouns in the fifth declension.

Elementary Greek

  1. Last quiz of the semester on the verb ‘to be’ (present, future, imperfect, 2 participles, 2 infinitives) and “what declension is this noun in.”

History of Rome

  1. Choose your final paper/presentation topic and be ready to explain it in class on Tuesday.
  2. Read the rest of Book 3 in Tacitus’ Histories.
  3. More on Pompey and Caesar and Antony and Octavian — and then, the reign of the Emperor AugustusTimeline of Greek and Roman history — of the Roman Republic – of Latin literature.
  4. Final exam format: You will be asked to write an essay on the topic of ‘how and why did the Roman Republic change into the Roman Empire?’ Open book/open notes; May 10, Thursday, 12 noon.

Intermediate Greek


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