Homework due viii a.d. Kalendis Octobris/24 Σεπτέμβριου 13

Elementary Latin

Translate: (1) Vitam sine pecunia non amatis.  (2) Vitam since poenis amamus. (3) Puellae nihil dant.

Vocabulary:  ager, agricola, amica, femina, filia, filius, populus, puer, vir, Romanus, de, in, hodie, semper, habeo

Read/study: Chapter 3, 2nd declension (endings are here).

Elementary Greek

Decline ό δίκαιος στρατηγός (2nd declension noun)

Vocabulary, p. 5

The Theater of the Greeks

Read the Introduction to the Oresteia, pp. vi – l.

Terms mentioned in class: chiasmus, monarchy/tyranny/democracy, nomos/physis, chthonic, radical democracy

Outline of Greek history (PDF)

1st paper will be due October 4, Friday.
Midterm will be October 15, Tuesday.

Intermediate Latin

Read: Ch. 23, Participles

Latin has 6 4 participles:
present active
perfect passive
future active
future passive

Form the 4 participles for: educo (bring up; 1st conj.); peto, petere, petivi, petitum (seek)


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