Homework due on the Kalends of October /1 Οκτωβρίου 201

Elementary Latin

Vocabulary from ch. 3:

ager, agri M. field
agricola, agricolae M. farmer
amicus, amici M. friend
femina, feminae. F. Woman
filia, filiae F. daughter
populus, populi, M. people, nation,
puer, pueri M. boy
vir, viri M. man; husband
Romanus, Romana, Romanum. Adj. Roman
hodie. today
semper. always
de. + ablative. down/away from,about
in. + accusative. into
+ ablative. in
habeo, habere. have

Elementary Greek

Vocabulary from lesson 3, p. 8.

Declension of the definite article in the neuter. (Extra : declension of the definite article in the feminine.)

The Theater of the Greeks

Read Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannos (pp. 62-124).

Write one paragraph explaining what you plan to cover in your paper .

1st paper will be due October 4, Friday.
Midterm will be October 15, Tuesday.

Intermediate Latin

Read: Ch. 24, Ablative Absolute

Translate four sentences from ch. Sententiae Antiquae starting with:
– Asia victa…
-Omnibus ferro…
-Nec tumultum…
-Tarquinio expulso…


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