Homework due pridie Idibus Novembris / 12 Νοέμβριου 2013

Elementary Latin

The third conjugation.

Verbs in the third conjugation look like this:

rego, regere (rule)           duco, ducere (lead)          ago, agere (drive)

  • How are they different/similar to verbs in the first/second conjugations?

This is what the present tense looks like.

rego, regis, regis, regit, regimus, regitis, regunt.

So the endings are:

-o, -is, -it, -imus, -itis, -unt

  • For HOMEWORK, conjugate duco and ago in the present tense.

Some of this vocabulary will be on next week’s quiz (click on the image to see a bigger, and readable, version):


Elementary Greek

Conjugate in the 1st aorist tense. διωκω, διωξω, εδιωξα (pursue).

Conjugate in the 2nd aorist tense.  φευγω, φευξω, εφυγον (flee).

Notes from class on the Imperfect and Aorist.

The Theater of the Greeks

Read Aristophanes’  comedy, Frogs.

Intermediate Latin

How to form the present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect tenses of the subjunctive; another explanation is here.

Short explanations for the purpose and result clause are here; for indirect command (jussive noun clause), here.

Translate (these sentences use the purpose, result, indirect command, hortatory).

1. “Pater, oro te ut mihi ignoscas.” “Fiat.” (Terence, a Roman comic writer)

2. Ante senectutem curavi ut bene viverem; in senectute curo ut bene moriar. (Seneca, Roman philosopher)

3. Ego vos hortor ut amicitiam omnibus rebus humanis anteponatis — vae illis qui nullos amicos habent! (Cicero)

4. Nemo quidem tam ferox set ut non molliri possit, culture data. (Horace; possit is the subjunctive of possum)

5. Difficile est saturam non scribere; nam quis est tam patiens malae urbis ut se teneat? (Juvenal, writer of satire).


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