Intermediate Latin Grammar Review

Participles (4 kinds)

  1. as an adjective
  2. as a substantive
  3. ablative absolute
  4. passive periphrastic (pdf)

gerund and gerundive

Infinitives (6 kinds (pdf))

  1. complementary
  2. indirect statement

Comparative and Superlative of Adjective and Adverbs

regular comparative and superlative

irregular comparative and superlative

comparative: ‘than’
superlative: ‘as much…. as possible’


Independent (pdf)

  1. hortatory/jussive
  2. deliberate
  3. prohibitive
  4. optative


  1. purpose clause (ut, ne)
  2. result clause (tam, sic, ita, tot, etc. — ut, non)
  3. fear clause  (ne, ut)
  4. indirect command (ut)
  5. indirect question (quis, ubi, etc.)
  6. relative clause of characteristic (qui, quae, quod)
  7. cum clauses (temporal, circumstantial, causal, concessive)
  8. conditional sentences (6 types)  (si)  (a few more examples in this pdf and on these ‘flashcards‘)

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